Q: How is your business doing financially and what are its prospects?

A: We create a financial model

Q: What is your business worth?

A: We perform a financial valuation

Q: How can I explain my growth plans to investors and funders?

A: We formulate a business plan

Q: Which new markets should I focus on, how much will it cost and what are the potential returns?

A: We develop a new market entry strategy

Q: What are the best funding sources for my business and strategy?

A: We design a funding strategy

Q: How do I source external funding for my business, e.g. debt and equity?

A: We will raise capital on your behalf

Q: What businesses are out there that I could buy?

A: We conduct an acquisition search

Q: I would like to buy a business!

A: We execute an acquisition

Q: I would like to sell my whole business or a division.

A: We execute a disposal

Q: I would like to partner with other businesses.

A: We formulate a joint venture

Q: I would like to buy the business I currently manage.

A: We execute and finance a management buy-out

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